Your Comprehensive Guide to 2020 Brand Assets 🎊

A data-backed recap of the most popular logos, graphics and forms requested over the years.

At Barbells for Boobs, we have the benefit of gathering a lot of data about fundraising, and as the calendar flips to a new year, it serves as a great time to take a look at that data and pull out trends from the previous year.

Let’s jump into it.

Chapter 01

Most Commonly Used Branding

Before grabbing a Barbells for Boobs logo, please be sure to follow our basic rules, if you have any questions about logo usage, you can reach us here.

The Barbells for Boobs Logo

This is the first logo to choose when referencing Barbells for Boobs, unless being used on a background that makes it illegible. If you are using the logo on either a dark or pink background, use the alternate assets.

Don’t alter the shape, proportion, color or orientation of the logos. Keep ‘em pink, black and white, and only as they appear above. (We know you have some great design ideas — but this isn't the place to get creative!)

Provide at least as much padding around the logo as what we’ve displayed above. This helps our logo appear clean and uncluttered.

Chapter 02

A Look At Our Colors

This is the main color palette for Barbells for Boobs. We like to keep things bright and fun!

Our Most Used Colors

The 7 most popular colors that we use on all Barbells for Boobs branding.

Chapter 03

Most Popular Fundraising Forms

All of the good tips and tricks we can offer you to have a ton of success fundraising for Barbells for Boobs. If you have any suggestions, contact us.
Chapter 04

Mailing In A Donation

There's no problem with accepting cash or checks in person at an event or from friends! Be sure to follow a couple rules after.

Please mail all checks and donation forms to our headquarters.

Before mailing any check, make sure that all checks are made out to Barbells for Boobs.

Barbells for Boobs
25060 Hancock Ave, Suite 103-472
Murrieta, CA 92562

Chapter 05

Approved Images For Use

Supercharge your fundraising outreach with some shareable images that will let your friends and family know how passionate you are about fundraising for our organization.