She Moves Us

She Moves Us

Early 2020 I met the ladies from Barbells for Boobs.

I was trying to put my life back together after recovering from a breast cancer diagnosis in late 2018. Resources lead me to weekly chats with Kiesha- setting goals, creating a routine, and learning how to be happy again. Johnna was creating workouts that would push me while feeling confident after a double mastectomy, radiation and chemotherapy.

"Daily check-ins with social media and chatting with other survivors made me part of their community and reminded me I was not alone."

- Shannon

I remember talking with Keisha one Thursday morning and rambling about fears of what new scans may show. Later that month, I discovered my cancer had metastasized and I was now stage four. She was with me every step- the denial, the fear, the chaos. My world was upside down but I knew she was there, every Thursday calling me for our chat.

We cried.

We laughed.

We came up with a plan.

I now have an amazing blog and hundreds of followers.

The women of Barbells for Boobs have inspired me to take on this journey with my head held high. I now share my stories so others can see that there is hope.

"Cancer won’t stop me from my goals, living each day to its fullest and reaching for the impossible."

- Shannon

Having these women in my life has been the greatest blessing. Not only have I found purpose, I have gained lifelong friendships. They have inspired me to get up out of the dark pit of cancer and rise up and move mountains.

When I first met Shannon, she had just been re-diagnosed with breast cancer and had been working with Keisha for a couple months to work on her mental strength before jumping back into the physical.

She wanted so badly to get back into training but she had some new obstacles to consider.

I had my first FaceTime call with Shannon on August 1, 2020 and she was running here and there. Now she’s confidently running over 6 miles in one session.

There are so many reasons she can say no, but she doesn’t.

She chooses to work out, push herself, run, even though she wasn’t a runner her whole life.

Shannon's in Alabama and I’m in Utah so we came up with the hashtag #WeRunTogether. I can’t run without thinking of Shannon. If Shannon’s doing it, I’m going to do it.

I’m planning to run with her on the coast in Alabama this summer. That’s my motivation.

My push to keep going.

She moves me to move.

I can do it for her.


I first met Shannon in March 2020 when I met her for her Barbells for Boobs Intro Call.

She was finishing up with treatment for her first diagnosis and just needed someone to talk too. We instantly connected and she has become one of my really good friends. I have talked to her every Thursday at 9am, since March.

When she got her second diagnosis, I got off that phone and thought, how am I supposed to help her and show up for her. I’m not equipped for this.

I asked her what she needed and she just said “Pull me through.”

Shannon moves me because she kept showing up for her treatment, she kept running, she kept opening up. She was showing up for her husband and her daughter even though it was hard. And now she decided she’s going to run 32 miles!

Every time I run, I think of her and her struggles and how she keeps showing up every day and I think ‘what excuse do I have.’

She keeps me moving.

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